Great Article worth the read – Mobile Gaming by Aideen Shortt

Great news for Genesys Club – Some are finding it challenging to track on mobile devices. We offer 100% tracking on all mobile devices and this includes our pixel tracking.

Mobile Gaming New Game, New Rules

Mobile gaming

ONE OF THE least understood areas of mobile gambling has been its impact on affiliates. At the outset, affiliates were extremely reluctant to get involved in mobile gambling, preferring instead to stick to the familiar desktop traffic. Initial concerns were that there were not enough operators in the mobile field, and that standards and the quality of mobile gambling offerings were varied and somewhat lacking in the early days. In addition to all that, there was, and still is, a lot of confusion and a lack of understanding of the mobile marketplace amongst affiliates.

That being said, many of the these issues have now been resolved, and with a huge amount of an affiliate’s organic traffic coming from mobile together with the stellar growth of the platform, it can no longer be ignored as part of a successful future business……….

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Author:  Aideen Shortt


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